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Better control of your environment

Reflow makes organizations more efficient with the use of sensor technology, data analysis and powerful digital applications. We analyze sensor data in real time and combine it with existing business data to turn it into valuable information services. We distinguish ourselves by offering end-to-end solutions that we perfectly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Powerful location services

We are strong in solutions based on location services and combine these with other sensor data from Internet Of Things. We process and analyze these data mixed with traditional sources such as barcode readers, RFID and existing company information. We do this together with a strong international network of knowledge and hardware partners.

Case: More security for 7,000 students

Discover how we improve the safety of 7,000 students in Qatar every day as we follow them with Bluetooth in and around school.
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Kickstart: Indoor localisation with LoRaWAN

With the Reflow Kickstart concept, we selected the right hardware, and locked it to Refact our cloud service. We operated in five major cities for two months with LoRaWAN to determine indoor locations of cleaning machines.
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More efficient working through better and real-time insight

The right information for the right person at the right time. A critical part of day-to-day management for most companies. More accurate and real-time information about the environment leads to new insights that can optimise business processes, provided it is combined properly with existing company information and effective applications. Reflow goes beyond the Internet of Things and data intelligence. We connect the outside world with the inside one. End-to-end. Safe and above all effective.